NASA Solar System Ambassadors


The NASA Solar System Ambassadors program is a public engagement effort that works with motivated volunteers across the nation to communicate the science and excitement of NASA’s space exploration missions and discoveries with the people in their communities.

NASA Solar System Ambassadors are trained by NASA project managers, scientists, and other NASA personnel about the latest things happening at NASA. NASA SSAs get to ask questions and learn from the actual NASA employees making the missions happen. You can find out more about NASA SSAs here.

NASA SSAs can visit your school, museum, or library and give a NASA or science related presentation.

My name is Les Murray and I am NASA Solar System Ambassador supporting the DFW area from my home in The Colony, TX. You can contact me here:

The following is a list of presentations, activities that Les Murray has recently made to local institutions. Presentations can be geared for specific audiences and ages. All but the star parties can be done via the Internet:

  • Daytime Star Parties – Safely view the Sun through Solar Telescopes
  • Nightime Star Parties – See the wonders of the sky through Nightime Telescopes, stars, planets, galaxies, etc.
  • NASA SLS (Space Launch System) Presentation, learn about the new rocket taking us back to the moon!
  • NASA Commercial Crew Program (SpaceX Crew Dragon, and Boeing Starliner) Presentation
  • NASA Artemis Program (Return to the Moon, NASA Gateway Lunar Station, Orion and SLS)
  • Mars 2020 Rover Mission – Learn about the new Mars 2020 Rover, and the Mars Helicopter.
  • Whats up in the Night Sky – Can present on what is up in the night sky this month, how to observe stars/planets/galaxies.
  • Parker Solar Probe – Learn about the NASA probe that is currently diving through the solar corona.
  • Mars Surface Conditions – Learn what it is like on the surface of Mars, gravity, atmosphere, etc.
  • Learning about Craters – Learn how craters are formed, what they tell us, types of craters, craters around the solar system.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Planetarium – Design your own constellation and place it on the “sky” in our inflatable planetarium. Learn about what you can see in the night sky.
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